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Alison Shirley

My work ultimately speaks of my worship of light – it’s ability to dance with unspeakable beauty.

I was born in Alice Springs, NT in 1971. I still consider it my spirit’s home.

The expansive red earth horizons, blue skies and dry warmth still occupy my dreams.

However, I also love my current home in Fryerstown, Victoria.

Having been a photographer for many years, I stumbled upon the love of macro photography. It certainly wasn’t born from being a green thumb, rather from the awe of the life force of plants and their many varieties and abilities to adapt and survive. With my macro lens I am transported into another world, where I can explore and be surprised and delve into the unknown. It offers me a new perspective on the world around me and takes me into a state of meditation.

The way light behaves, together with a short depth of field, provides a constant source of new discovery and captivates me – in a time where little else feels new or holds my attention. It is also a reminder to attend to the details of life within ourselves and to honour the beauty of our own existence – every detail, nuance, breath.

My photographic art centres around human form, nature’s forms and our experience of living in this human vessel and traversing the earth.

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