Breakdancer Jami

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Project details

Client: ABC Open Ballarat
Categories: DancePerformance art
Date: 2012

I made this first documentary short film for ABC Open, Ballarat in 2012. It was part of the 110% Project, where we were invited to submit stories about sports and physical training people who give 110% to their craft. Jami is definitely that person.

Jami Blomeley, a Ballarat street dancer who lives, breathes, dances and teaches Hip Hop and Break gave me an insight into his life and training in this mini doco.

Jami made it into the TOP 100 of the first season of So You Think You Can Dance, Australia. He teaches youth in Ballarat and surrounding towns as well as creating events, competitions and battles to give all his students experience and expertise to drive them forward.

Made in collaboration with Michelle Dunn Photography