Each to Each

Project details

Client: Wolves Children Ballarat
Categories: DancePerformance art

Each to Each was an exhibition where local Ballarat artists were invited to respond to the work of fellow local poet Nathan Curnow.

A selected number of artists responded to two of Nathan’s poems, creating an exhibition of multiple genre works.

The poem I chose to respond to, was called The Hallway. His writing so clearly creates a picture of young children, on an adventure through the house, a world of secrets and spaces unknown to their parents.

I created a projection of movement film, using the voices of Nathan’s own four children. This looped projection formed part of the exhibition.

To accompany that, the choreographic piece you see below was performed live at the exhibition opening, at Wolves Children, Ballarat. It depicts some child-like movement (including picking the nose!) and uses the wall space as part of the hallway imagery.