Epworth Rehab AIDET film clip

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Project details

Client: Epworth Rehabilitation
Categories: DanceFilm
Date: 2015

In 2015 Epworth Rehabilitation hopspital in Hawthorn embarked on an adventure of making a parody film clip to help with a staff campaign about patient care, called AIDET.

The campaign was all about maximising the positive experience you can create for a patient and the film clip needed to be light and positive to reflect that. An important element was to have executive members in the video, to show their involvement and commitment to the project.

My task started out as the choreographer for the said executives, with the small task of teaching them to dance like Michael Jackson!

After meeting with the creative team, my role quickly became the role of director for the video, as well as choreographer for some dancing that was not Michael Jackson’s work.

I brought in a group of experienced dancers to create the full gang, in order to complete the crew of talent. The entire film clip was filmed onsite at the hospital and surrounds.