Flashmob Mt Erica

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Project details

Client: Mt Erica Hotel, Austin's Restaurant
Categories: DancePerformance art
Date: 2016

I was commissioned in 2016 by staff at Mt Erica’s Hotel in Prahran, Melbourne, to create a flashmob for the re-opening of their restaurant, Austin’s.

This brief was to capture the attention of a large audience and invigorate the crowd with an upbeat song and choreography to excite and uplift.

Mt. Erica’s staff had the song ‘Uptown Funk’ in mind, which I agreed would work very  well for this purpose on a piece that would make people want to get involved.

In this case, we had to appear to be part of the attending crowd to fulfil the flashmob brief. Then of course to burst forth and create a party on the spot. This task is plenty of fun for performers and audience alike.

We certainly performed our task that night.