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Project details

Client: Photographic Imaging College
Categories: ExhibitionPortrait
Date: 2006

Advanced students at PIC Photographic Imaging College worked together on the theme of SHIFT, collaborating to produce an exhibition of work at 69 Smith Street Gallery, Fitzroy.

My  work for this exhibition was around the shifts between light and dark within myself, the way I am perceived and the shifts that happen in low light that can be difficult to interpret. What is real and what is an illusion?

How much is made up by me, how much is what I see about the emotions I am experiencing and what I choose to see?

These thoughts lead me to a lot of night photography, to find more of what my camera was seeing and interpreting for me, what meaning I gave to those outcomes and the emotions the images were evoking for me. At the time I felt really connected to darkness, shades of dark that play with my imagination and the shifting experience of who I am and how I define that.