The Healing Maneuver

Project details

Client: Ballarat Regional Integrative Cancer Centre
Categories: DancePerformance art
Date: 21 November 2015

The Healing Maneuver is a 40 minute work, created in collaboration with staff from the Ballarat Regional Integrative Cancer Centre.

This work was made for the 24 Hour Experience, Ballarat, 2015.

‘The 24 Hour Experience was a living documentary of the lesser-heard perspectives of Ballarat created by 150 artists and 10 communities. The event unfolded in real time,offering 24 distinct live works in a different Ballarat location on the hour, every hour, over 24 hours. It was designed as a major one-off happening, playful and provocative. It places unconventional contexts at the centre of a unique performance event.’

My task as the choreographer for The Healing Maneuver was to bring together staff from BRICC and more experienced movers to represent concepts of what it is like for staff who work with cancer patients. I interviewed the staff quite extensively. They too, have been touched personally by cancer, in many cases. How to put forward these experiences in movement?

All in all the creation of this piece was a community event. It was moving and powerful for staff, performers and audience alike. I hope that it served to bring greater insight and sensitivity to those working with cancer, those dealing with the disease in their own person as well as those who’ve not yet encountered it in their lives.



Shermaine Heng fellow choreographer and dancer:       “Alison displayed great leadership skills, leading us with a very clear direction while at the same time, remaining open to our interpretations as fellow artists. Despite the concept of cancer being a particularly complex one, Alison still delivered this project with great skill, thought and sensitivity. I am honoured to have been able to work with Alison”

Sarah Birtles BRICC staff member:      “I felt very honoured to be involved in the 24 hour experience, as although the 45 minute performance articulated a story about cancer, it was creative, artistic, compassionate, heartfelt and somewhat uplifting. The audience were in awe of the performance. “